Discover Mannheim

Do you know Mannheim? Let me surprise you. I am pleased to show you the baroque city between Rhine and Neckar. History and stories about the residential city of the Palatine Electors between the baroque palace and the Watertower let you understand the city’s origin and development. In Mannheim, Carl Drais invented the first bicycle, Carl Benz the first automobile, Werner von Siemens presented the first electrical elevator. To this day, Mannheim is a city of inventors, founders and start-ups. Discover a young, lively city with an eventful past and an exciting present.

Walking tours and round trips through Mannheim offer as much worth knowing as entertaining. The range of topics is as diverse as the city itself. History, murals, inventors, parks, famous women, crime stories, love stories, entrepreneurs, harbour, quarters Jungbusch or Neckarau – just ask for your favorite topic or interest.

All tours are available in English and German.

I am tour guide by passion. I am interested in how the city became what it is today. History, present and future are connected, some connections are surprising. I am a trained and IHK-certified city guide of the city of Mannheim and a member of the Federal Association of Tour Guides in Germany.